Welcome to the download page for recorded editions of Magnets and Ladders.

The Perkins Library for the Blind has been recording issues of Magnets and Ladders for several years. In 2017, these recordings became available on cartridge to patrons of The National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled. For many of our readers, the Perkins recording of each edition of Magnets and Ladders is their only access to the magazine. Other readers may enjoy the pleasure of hearing the stories and poems performed by the Perkins narrators after reading the magazine online. In the Fall of 2022 we were given permission by Perkins to upload mp3 files of magazine recordings. Please check back often, as we anticipate adding more backissues in the near future.

Most modern web browsers will start playing a file if you follow the link. If you want to save the file for offline listening, right click (on Windows you can hit the Context Menu key or Shift+F10) on a link, then choose the option called Save As, Save Target As, or something similar. Follow the prompts from your browser to choose a location and/or filename to save the file.


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